Is Osteopathy the same as massage?
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No. The Osteopath reasons why muscles get tight and sore, and then works to correct the underlying structural imbalances causing the problem. However, many Osteopaths do often support the use of massage and feel it is a useful adjunct to … Read More

How does Osteopathy differ from Chiropractic?
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Osteopathy does not believe in using aggressive manual manipulation to bones, joints or tissues. Osteopaths apply principles and technique that is adjustive to the body’s framework that is gentle and well-suited for everyone. Osteopaths work diligently to balance the whole … Read More

Is Osteopathy the same as Physiotherapy?
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No. Osteopaths predominantly use their hands to help restore lost health. Other modalities are used at a minimum, and exercise is often only permitted or encouraged at times when the reparative qualities of the body are strong enough to deal … Read More

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