Is Osteopathy opposed to drugs and surgery?
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No. Osteopaths recognize that there are certain times and situations where it is necessary to use medicine or have surgery. The goal of Osteopathic care is to minimize the use of drugs and surgery. The objective is to find the … Read More

What should I expect during a typical visit?
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A typical visit involves a complete evaluation and manual treatment. The emphasis of an Osteopath’s treatment is based on abnormal musculoskeletal findings called somatic dysfunctions. A somatic dysfunction is present when there are palpable asymmetries, restrictions or alterations in normal … Read More

How many visits will it take before I see results?
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Regardless of the problem, our patients typically notice significant improvements within a very short time frame, usually within 3 to 5 visits. In many cases, only a few visits are required for complete restoration of function. In others, a more … Read More

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