When is a knee problem not a knee problem?
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Oftentimes people with knee problems have been given symptom-relieving treatments that often do not address the underlying causes of the problem. In time, the improperly treated condition irritates other parts of the body that are not commonly considered connected to … Read More

What is Osteopathy?
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Osteopathy is holistic manual medicine. Osteopathy treats the cause of the problem, which resolves symptoms. Osteopaths: Determine the underlying factors causing the problem Assess and treat the physical health of the patient Provide adjustive treatment not time based service Osteopathy … Read More

A Brief History of Osteopathy
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Osteopathy began as an intended reform to medicine of the day in the 1870’s by Andrew Still MD, of Missouri. After losing several family members during encephalitis epidemics, Still was motivated to reconsider the basis …

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